Michaela Baranov joins 123 Agency Corporate

123 Agency Corporate are really excited to welcome Michaela Baranov to the team!


Michaela Baranov won our hearts earlier this year, performing Sia’s ‘My Love’ in her X-Factor audition and continued on to make the Top 7.  But this incredibly talented woman has been wowing crowds for much, much longer.


Her list of accomplishments is long (going back to 2007) and filled with names and places that you would not expect from such a young artist.


After winning the ACMF National Songwriting Competition in 2007, Michaela travelled overseas in her early 20’s to further her career.  A six-week trip turned into three years.


She has performed shows in America, France, Greece and Dubai, where she secured a three-month contract at the Waldorf Astoria doing three 40-minute sets, six nights a week.


Her dedication and passion for performing is evident every time she takes the stage.  There is no doubt in our minds that there are BIG things in store for this amazing starlet!