Dem Foxes DJ for NIKE

In March one of the world’s biggest sports apparel companies NIKE provided 2000 N+TC Tour guests with a curated work out experience in Sydney.  Work outs were conducted by some of Australia’s best trainers and the music… well that was put together by our very own DEM FOXES, Demi Bryant and Rochelle Fox!
While not behind the decks these beautifully down-to-earth Foxes can be found modelling, presenting, blogging or travelling ~ providing them with a natural inclination to inspire those around them.  A perfect match for the “girl power” event that NIKE had put together.
The resoundingly positive response from NIKE:
“I absolutely loved working with Demi and Rochelle.  Demi especially embraced the training sessions leading into the NTC Tour and she was always so positive and enthusiastic to be a part of this”Leah Chesney, NIKE 
For further information on booking DEMI as a solo DJ then please contact Bec Boseley on