About Benny Time

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BENNY is equal parts singer, songwriter, performer, early childhood educator & a proud Dad too.

Through his music, both recorded & live, BENNY is all about creating an environment for kids to simply have fun.

His soon to be released album BENNY TIME mashes up all music genres from pop to punk, entertaining both the little and the big ones.

Performing live in solo, duo or full band mode, BENNY TIME is your resident Fun Master - providing an interactive experience that will have your kids singing, dancing and generally run amuck!

Along with a selection of his original songs such as “I Can Be Any Animal” & “If You’re Not Looking At Me”, BENNY comes equipped with an armory of children’s classics and traditional songs, plus some contemporary adult tunes with a kids twist. BENNY will tailor the show for all styles and tastes.

He also has a festive inspired set list featuring an array of Carols & Xmas classics - performed BENNY style. Be prepared to join in.